Only very rare things truly beautify with time.

Photo Credit: Michigan Beach Towns

She is a beautifully colored piece of broken beach glass

Made smooth by the work of her own hands

A cruel world only sees her tarnished by the weather and waves of time

They miss what I see; the beauty of how she’s put herself together

The powerful soul inside her made her whole again

She glistens brightly in the warm sunlight among the regular stones on the beach

For all the world to observe in awe of her grand beauty

Chris Patton is a writer focusing on helping readers feel the experience of PTSD flashbacks and other symptoms, rather than just reading about them.

Chris Patton

Chris Patton

Ret. State Trooper. I share my journey with PTSD. I write from the perspective of experiencing PTSD flashbacks & nightmares. I also write the occasional poem.